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Today’s a good day to take a look back at a man who changed fishing forever. I was fortunate to spend quite a bit of time with him in the good old days. Even been in the boat with him and bunked with him on Toledo Bend for a whole week way back when in … Continue reading

Thanks to the helpers

There’s an old saying, “lead, follow, or get out of the way”. These days, I think we can shorten that to two options, “help, or get out of the way”. Don’t be selfish right now. Don’t be impatient. Don’t put others in harms way over things that can wait. If you are home, this isn’t … Continue reading

Josh Jones. It's all you need to say

If Kevin VanDam came and fished for bass on Lake D’Arbonne, it would turn some heads, right? Well, recently the guru of crappie fishing with LiveScope fished on D’Arbonne and it did the same thing. Josh Jones. All. You. Need. To. Say. He kind of “slipped in” the field because he normally doesn’t fish crappie … Continue reading

His amazing grace is sufficient

I’ve had fun sharing some old school music this week on my personal email page. But it’s Sunday. Time to go real old school — to the Founder and Maker of it all. God Bless You during this time. God Bless Louisiana. God Bless America. Do your part to help stop this pandemic. Do it … Continue reading

Early lake look

This is pretty cool.  It’s an early rough proposal map of Lake D’Arbonne from the front page of the Farmerville Gazette in 1956. It was eight years later when the spillway gates were closed and the 16,000 acre lake formed. This is the first graphical idea that residents had of how the lake would be … Continue reading

Treatyse of Fysshynge wyth an Angle

A weathered and worn copy of Sir Isaac Walton’s book, “The Compleat Angler“, published in 1844, sits on a shelf above my computer. I don’t recelect if I’ve got it there as some sort of motivation, or that’s just where I left it. Published in 1844, it is widely recognized as the first written word … Continue reading

Grenada Giants

Lake D’Arbonne has been pretty impressive this spring with its multitude of 2 pound crappie. But we’ve got a ways to go to catch up with some of our neighboring Mississippi lake monsters. Terry and Terra Stewart finished second in the recent Crappie Masters D’Arbonne event, where the “Wow” factor kicked in when it took … Continue reading

Slab crappie allow me no rest

Standing up through the Crappie Masters weigh-in at D’Arbonne Friday and Saturday got a bit tiring, but never boring. There were so many big fish coming to the scales. About halfway through each day, I’d slip over to the truck and sit down in the front seat to rest my weary bones. But every time … Continue reading

D’bone becomes Rogers’ neighborhood

It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood on Lake D’Arbonne for the father-son team of Matthew and Bruce Rogers of El Dorado Springs, Missouri, Saturday. The landed their second straight seven fish limit to weigh in a total of 30.36 pounds on 14 crappie to claim the Crappie Masters Louisiana State Championship. They came … Continue reading

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Benoit Ford North

Dusty Gates, Union Parish Sheriff

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