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I could tell you a lot about the Majestic bass tournament coming up this weekend, June 1 & 2, on Lake D’Arbonne and the new event on Caney in July, but I’ll let the man who knows more about them than anybody take the floor. Take it, Dale Taylor:

“For those of you who have never fished a MAJESTIC bass tournament let me tell you a little about these events. We will be at D’Arbonne Lake this week-end for the 21st annual D’Arbonne MAJESTIC Big Bass Classic and we will be at Caney Lake on July 20th. The two events will have the exact same format. These tournaments are unique in that they offer something for everyone. This is a 24 hr. Event that starts Saturday morning at 5:30am and continues non stop until Sunday morning at 6:00am. You may fish all 24 hrs. If you are an Iron Man, or you can come and go as you please. Every two hours beginning at 8:00am on Saturday we will pay a minimum of four places for big bass that are weighed-in during that period.

Dale Taylor

There are a total of 12 pay periods which means there will be a minimum total of 48 places paid for big bass. The 48 place payout is based on 150 entries, more entries will pay more places. We will pay a minimum of 4 Overall Big Bass places for the tournament. There is also a Heavy Stringer Division that pays a minimum of 4 overall heavy stringers for the tournament. As you weigh-in fish during the Big Bass Periods we will cull your stringer to your 5 best fish. We have two $10 fruit jars that you may enter, one for the Big Bass of the event and one for the heavy stringer of the event. Both fruit jars are winner take all. We will be selling MAJESTIC T shirts for $15 each. The proceeds for the shirts will be donated to Gracepoint Christian Academy of Jonesboro at the Caney event and the Lake Commission at the D’Arbonne event. There are 3 weigh periods 12:00 noon, 8:00 pm, and 6:00am that will pay $100 extra dollars to the Big Bass winners of those periods, if they are wearing a MAJESTIC T shirt when they weigh their fish.

We have a ladies division that has a cash prize for the Lady having the most weight. There are also two youth divisions; 0 – 12 years of age (no entry fee) and 13 – 16 years of age. Each of the youth division winners will get a special prize. Tournament headquarters for the D’Arbonne event will be Ludwig Marine and for the Caney event will be Hook’s Marine. Brochures are available at both Toledo Tackle locations, The Honey Hole, Terzia’s Tackle, K & M Coffee, Corks and Camo, The Farmerville Flower Shop, Ludwig Marine and Hooks Marine. Any questions should be directed to Dale Taylor 318-235-1039.

Go Fish.


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