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So many big bucks

You don’t have to get in the woods to see a bunch of big deer. Just come to the Awards Day for Simmon’s Big Buck Contest Saturday, March 2 in Bastrop. There are more big deer than you can dream of. And there’s lots more, including the Simmons Cutdown Classic Duck Calling Contest with a … Continue reading

Just fishin’

Riding down the highway at Lake D’Arbonne this past Thursday, I had to turn around and do a double take. All the Crappie Masters guys were off the lake. The weather was awful. Pouring down rain. Nasty. But there, out in one of the community holes not far from the Hwy. 33 bridge, was a … Continue reading

Hey fish…they see you

Some people are paranoid that the government (aka “big brother“) is always watching us. Well, that may be true. But I don’t think that even the government can peek into your dining room and see when you are about to take a bite of lunch. Crappie, on the other hand, are not quite as fortunate … Continue reading

Carlile, Nichols are Crappie Masters

Folks familiar with the fantastic crappie fishing on Lake D’Arbonne know that the reservoir is full of big crappie from one end of the lake to the other. Two fellows from Oklahoma proved that today. Robert Carlile and Craig Nichols of Oklahoma, two guys that have been fishing together since they were kids, led wire … Continue reading

Oklahomans take the lead

If you had to pick a week NOT to practice for and participate in a fishing tournament, this week just might have been it. Lightning storms, winds from every direction up to 20 mph, big rain, little rain and more rain. A full moon, rising lake levels, muddy water and fish swimming around in circles … Continue reading

Good answer!

At the start of the High School fishing showdown during Thursday’s Media Day for the Crappie Masters Louisiana State Championship, OCS fisherman Avery Pilgreen was paired with pro anglers Dan and Sue Dannenmueller. Dannenmueller asked Avery a little bit about what he knew about where the fish were biting and then asked the OCS student … Continue reading

Hurricane hits D’Arbonne

You want to know what’s going on with the weather and lake conditions for Crappie Masters week? It’s not a monsoon. It’s not a Nor’easter. It’s a Florida Hurricane. No kidding. At least that’s what friends of Eric Howard are going to say. Eric “Hurricane” Howard and his wife Leann are at Lake D’Arbonne to … Continue reading

Nick’s Day Off

Nick Young sure knows how to take a day off. How many times have you taken a day off to go fishing, only to be met with weather conditions like we’re having Tuesday – torrential rains, lightning, thunder…?  Well, Nick has it figured out. He actually took off a day Tuesday from fishing to do … Continue reading

It’s Crappie Masters week!

This week’s Crappie Masters tournament is going to be full of fun, excitement, crappie thumping and, for one group of youngsters — a chance of a lifetime. So I know there are bass pictured above, but bear with me. Mike Vallentine always starts off the “official” activities of the Louisiana State Championship on Lake D’Arbonne … Continue reading

Mardi Gras…crappie style

Big slab crappie are lurking 16-20 feet deep in the channels on Lake D’Arbonne. Some are moving up along the edges of contour lines at the edges of sloughs and other staging areas preparing to begin the spawn. On sunny days, some are even venturing in to the shallow water trees looking for a place … Continue reading

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