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The amazing Mr. Clunn

Amazing. Or any other superlative you can think of. Just put it in front of Rick Clunn’s name. I guess “Legendary” would be most appropriate. When it comes to fishing, there are all kinds of big-name anglers, TV hosts, tournament champions and the like. But the amazing Mr. Clunn just added another star to his … Continue reading

Reprobate minds

What has happened in New York and Virginia in relation to abortion recently has stunned some people. What has happened with the new beyond left-wing Democratic/Socialist Party leadership (or lack thereof) has been shocking. But God warned about this type of evil long, long ago. As Bible commentary of Matthew Henry states, “men (and women) … Continue reading

Bass, ducks and big bucks

A few important news briefs today: Just making the cut to fish pro bass tournaments is an amazing feat, but Monroe’s Brett Preuett got off to a fast start with his first ever top ten FLW tour finish last weekend. Congratulations, Brett! Here’s the story: Shallow, muddy water isn’t exactly picture-perfect water on Okeechobee, but … Continue reading

Watson’s bark found it’s bite

You don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to crack this case: How Watson’s bark found it’s bite. It’s a touching fish tale, with a story full of twists and turns and an ongoing happy ending in progress. In this case, Watson is a two-year-old Airedale Terrier who adopted a lifelong fishing buddy, retired Ruston Police … Continue reading

Make your “world” a better place

What in the World? I’ve heard people say that all my life, but none have ever meant it more than these days. The world has gone crazy. It seems like the liberal leadership in the U.S. has gone crazy. I love America. America has loved, or at least honored, God for centuries. Not any more. … Continue reading

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