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Game Cam fun

Not much goes on in the woods these days that some hunter doesn’t capture on a game camera. As for these? I don’t know what to say. What caption would you add? Wait, there’s another one:

Heroes and hunting

There are lots of groups doing lots of good things, but none are better than the Louisiana Hunters for Heroes. They are constantly putting on events for veterans in our state. We salute their efforts. The group just finished up their annual Union Parish deer hunt and want to thank all of the corporate sponsors, … Continue reading

Wanna score a touchdown?

No, not on the football field. In life. If you want to score a touchdown in life, consider these great words from a really great quarterback, who knows how to win at both.

Lake level update

Anytime we get a lot of rain in a hurry, it makes lake residents a little bit wary of the situation. It looks like the lake at D’Arbonne is heading up quickly, but should not get over the 83 foot level. That is the projection of the USGS as you can see in the graph … Continue reading

Can you bleat this?

I spend a lot of time talking to some really good — and successful deer hunters. A lot of them don’t make headlines or kill the biggest buck in America, but there is a little secret weapon that a lot of them have. Some of them don’t talk about it, but others do. Its the … Continue reading

A good year for big bucks

It started on opening weekend of bow season. Some really impressive bucks fell. It hasn’t slowed down, and with the rut still going in many areas, more are sure to follow. There are big deer from six or seven north Louisiana parishes scoring way up there this year — and there’s still a lot of … Continue reading

Sunday fish biscuit

I eat fish biscuits for breakfast. So?  Hey, this isn’t something I came up with. Jesus did. After his resurrection from the dead, Jesus Christ appears to his disciples on the shore of the Sea of Galilee and gives them the miraculous power to catch a large amount of fish, the Bible says in the … Continue reading

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