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A secret weapon for crappie

Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at 3.52.12 PM

Team Overalls: from left, Justin, Josh and Brother Warren

Definition of overalls:   Noun.  1. a garment consisting of trousers with a front flap over the chest held up by straps over the shoulders, made of sturdy material and worn especially as casual or working clothes.  2. Something that will help you catch more crappie.

Okay, maybe I made that second part of the definition up. But maybe it’s true anyway.

Just ask Josh, Justin and Brother Warren Maxwell, a.k.a. “Team Overalls”.

I got to spend the day on the water with Team Overalls Tuesday. I was a tough day following a tornadic storm front that left bluebird skies, soaring barometric pressure and a straight outta the East in your face wind. But we still had fun and after bouncing around D’Arbonne Lake and Bayou, we at least got fishy.

The trio will be among the hosts of the Crappie.com gathering Thursday through Saturday at the D’Arbonne State Park and they were up tuning up their gear and checking the lake out. The water is high, but looks good. In fact, it’s pouring over the spillway.

Fish are pretty much in deeper water and while they aren’t tearing it up, when they do decide to turn on, they can give you some pretty fast action. It should be a good weekend.

But back to those overalls. It started out with Brother Maxwell’s dad, then him, now the boys. Overalls are as normal a part of their fishing gear as poles, jigs and a bucket of shiners. But it was fellow fisherman Jimmy Watt who labeled one of their Facebook posts #teamoveralls.  It stuck. Now it’s official. It’s on their shirts, their boats and even the back windows of their trucks. And there is a following. Quite a few other fishermen have taken up the cause, including a trio of Michigan crappie fishermen who will be down for the event this weekend —  #teamoveralls#north.

Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at 9.41.06 PM

Water gushing over the spillway on D’Arbonne Tuesday







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