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Today it seems we have more to be angry about than ever before. We are even angry about things that didn’t happen and things that happened 150 years ago. Oh, things aren’t that bad. In fact they are great. But we are pounded by a constant barrage of negativity, mostly from the organized media, self-serving political forces and people that just don’t understand what they have. They have lost their way.  Some of it is self-inflicted through our own participation in social media and the stress of everyday being-busy-ness.

We know too much today, perhaps, about what is going on everywhere in the world — especially the negative. It’s not news. It’s sanity abuse. In decades past, it wasn’t thrown in our face on a daily basis. It makes me angry. See. Me, too.

But to be happy, I have to let it go. And yes, there’s a Bible verse for handling that. Just like there is for every other person, situation or feeling that we encounter on this earth. I have a very good friend and we help each other handle those negative things. We get angry. It’s okay to get angry. It’s okay to point out that there is still right and wrong, good and evil, despite fores that try and tell us different. We banter back and forth about all the negative things, get it out of our system in private and then relax because we know how God wants us to handle it. In case you don’t know, here’s how:

Ephesians 4:26

26 “In your anger do not sin”. Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry.



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