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Something was “miss”ing

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What was “miss”ing?

Yep, fish. That’s cause we missed the fish. There should be a word for unintentional catch and release. Never mind. There are several. But we won’t print them here. Twelve times.  That’s ten +  two.  Twelve. A dozen.  One less than unlucky. Sure, you usually miss a fish or two every trip. But 12?  In two hours? Never happened to either of us before and I hope it won’t again.  In the meantime… Fish fry?  What fish fry?

I was fishing up on the fine waters of  Lake D’Arbonne a few days back.  We found some crappie. They were biting funny, but we hooked up on more than a dozen whoppers. Hooked up, I say.  They stayed on the hook for as short a time as three seconds and as long as almost a minute. We did bring six good ones home. That would have been 18 for those of you struggling with mathematics. If we were batting in the major leagues, six for 18  would be decent. But in crappie fishing?

No. No. No. No. No.

Those crappie?  Just like the old Hee Haw song says,

they met another and poof, they were gone.

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