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Fishing report with the Crappie Master

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Want some of these?    Try this:

If you are going to chase slab crappie on Lake D’Arbonne the next two weeks or so, keep these ideas from Crappie Masters Champ and lake guide Nick Young in mind.

Crappie are going to be heading for the spawning areas. Many will still be in the flats 8-12 feet deep the next few days. While they are normally near the bottom in this situation, Nick says the fish will stay 5-6 feet deep as the water continues to fall as long as it is muddy.

Crappie feed up and they are sight feeders, so up closer to the top, they have more chance of seeing baitfish and getting a good meal where there is better light. Play it right and that meal can be your shiner on your hook.

Most of the good fish are out of the really deep water in the channels. There are still some good fish there, but not many. Males start heading to make nests and prepare for the spawn around a consistent 58 degree water temp. Females will follow shortly thereafter.

The trigger will be if a few really good warm days surround the full moon of March, which hits Thursday, on up until about March 9 when the moon is down to three quarters.  If it’s warm enough to keep the water temp up,  look out, the spawn will be on. Remember all the fish don’t spawn at once. Different groups of fish come and go on a regular basis for the next month. But now’s the time to start looking for them.


You can contact Nick to book a trip at D’Arbonne Lake Guide Service on Facebook or by calling 318-243-8646

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