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Lake life


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The main topic on everybody’s mind right now is flooding and potential flooding. Right now, the lake has crested and appears to be heading down a bit. That was before torrential rains in the watershed today, though. We’ll keep an eye on it and share the latest charts and predicitons. You can also see those regularly on the Gazette and the Union Sheriff’s Department home pages.

In the meantime, how about something a little less serious to break the tension. Here’s a typical conversation between two crappie fishermen.

Hiyamac. Benearlong?  Loboddy. Cuplours.

Ketchaneney?   Goddafeu.

Kindrthey?   Basanaperch.

Ennysiztuem?   Cupllapounds.

Hittinhard?   Sordalite.

Wahuoozin?   Dubaminner.

Fishmonahboddom?    Rydonnahboddum.

Well, Igoddago.    Tubad.

Guluk. Seeyaroun.    Yatakidezy

If you got all these, congratulations. You are a fisherman. If you didn’t, go get you some dubaminnerigs and keep practicing.

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