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Fishing report with the Crappie Master

Want some of these?    Try this: If you are going to chase slab crappie on Lake D’Arbonne the next two weeks or so, keep these ideas from Crappie Masters Champ and lake guide Nick Young in mind. Crappie are going to be heading for the spawning areas. Many will still be in the flats 8-12 … Continue reading

Day by day with the Crappie Champ!

A lot of crappie fishermen would get made if you referred to their favorite fish as a “trash” fish. Nick Young would just laugh. That’s because he had a big hand in that, but in a good way. He teamed up with his father, Jock Young, to win the 2018 Crappie Masters Louisiana State Championship … Continue reading


The main topic on everybody’s mind right now is flooding and potential flooding. Right now, the lake has crested and appears to be heading down a bit. That was before torrential rains in the watershed today, though. We’ll keep an eye on it and share the latest charts and predicitons. You can also see those … Continue reading

Worse than a fishing lie…

Sometimes maybe, just maybe, fishermen stretch the truth a bit. But we don’t really consider that lying most of the time. It’s just making a good story out of it, right? One of the biggest problems with our world today is that it is hard to find the truth any more. When the top leaders … Continue reading

It was the Young’s Day

“When it’s your day, it’s your day.” That’s what Lake D’Arbonne fishing guide and tournament pro Nick Young said Saturday afternoon at the final weigh-in as he glanced at his partner and father Jock Young, both of Farmerville. Indeed, it was their day. In fact, it was a $6,000 day as the local duo were … Continue reading

Myers, Taylor slip ahead of Mother Nature

Just to make one thing clear, it’s not nice to fool with Mother Nature. So the fishermen in the Crappie Masters Louisiana State Championship Day One competition on Lake D’Arbonne just kind of tip-toed around the troubles she’s thrown at crappie fishing all week. It paid off for Ruston fishermen Kenny the Crusher Myers and … Continue reading

Who will be Master of the Crappie?

Rising, muddy water. Swift current. Colder than normal water temperatures. Rain. Rain. Rain.  Either one of those messes fish up. Put them together and you’ve got a burnt roux for your gumbo. That’s what nearly 100 teams of local and touring crappie fishermen face Friday and Saturday in the Crappie Masters Louisiana State Championship on … Continue reading

Ominous. . .

Now there’s a word you don’t often associate with crappie fishing. But if you were on Lake D’Arbonne at 8:51 Wednesday morning, you saw the world go black and white. The wind suddenly changed from dead South to coming straight out of the Northeast. Dark, wispy clouds began to blow back toward the northwest to … Continue reading

Some hot cold water crappie tips

With this crazy weather, there are still lots of crappie out deep in the winter fishing pattern. That includes some whoppers. You don’t have to be a Crappie Master to catch them if you follow these important tips from touring pro Steve Danna of Farmerville for the river channel or feeder creeks on D’Arbonne. Special … Continue reading

One for the money, two for the show

Grab a cup of coffee. This is a long one. It’s Crappie Masters week on Lake D’Arbonne. And there’s more to the week than you may know. For instance, there are actually THREE important crappie tournaments of note on the lake this week.  And by the way, if you want a fishing report, just keep … Continue reading

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