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DID or didn’t?

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I think I know some fishermen who have a mild case of Dissociative Identity Disorder, formerly referred to as multiple personality disorder.  It is a condition wherein a person’s identity exists in two or more  personality states.

Like when a person posts on Facebook when it’s 15 degrees that it is too cold to go to work, but maybe not too cold to go fish for a while. I can relate.

Or like when a person identifies it as not too cold to be out catching fish in the morning when it’s 30 degrees. But then later that morning when it’s 35 degrees, the person identifies it as maybe too cold to actually clean said fish. I can almost relate.

But somewhere the mental stimuli of “fish fry” enters the picture.

I’m not sure what the psychological factor is that actual helps said person decide to go ahead and clean fish for dinner.  But the struggle is real. But that dinner motivation brought me  to the table last week with my friend Bubba (that’s a filet knife, you know) in hand.

I had to clean fish on the portable cleaning table up by the house  because it’s too cold to leave the water turned on at the boat dock without pipes freezing. But not too cold to …well, you know.






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