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How to scare off big bass

I have some really good fishing equipment, baits and places to go catch big fish. Probably more, in fact, than I need.

IMG_0432But I also have two tools that consistently scare off big bass. Despite knowing that, I still take them fishing with me on a regular basis.

The tools?

A digital scale and a camera.

You want to scare off big fish? Take scales. Better yet, take a camera. And for a double challenge, take them both. One of my fishing friends, Mike Wood, is shown here with a nice 5.86 pound bass he caught recently on a trick worm. We know it weighed 5.86 pounds because the digital scale told us so. Had we not had the scale, this fish could have weighed eight pounds by now, a week later. It really was a trick, because the bass obviously didn’t see the scale or the camera in the boat. We were fishing an area that has bass a lot bigger than that, but they were not coming anywhere near us on this day.

Bass haven’t quite caught onto the camera on iPhones yet, so you may be safe taking them with you. But from my perspective, you’d be better off with a dozen bananas in your boat than the aforementioned fish intimidators!



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