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CM Nationals wrapup

Phillip Haynes and Paul Alpers of Missouri won the 2017 Crappie Masters Nationals on a chain of Mississippi lakes this past weekend.  They were in eighth place after Day One. The duo caught 14 crappie over the two days weighing 21.89 pounds. That’s $30,000 in crappie money by the way, plus product and sponsor bonuses. … Continue reading

Conviction, repentance, power

My dad once told me that if you aren’t giving something to your church or getting something from your church, maybe you need a new church. Or maybe you need a mirror.  The church is it’s people, led by faith and following God. We need to constructively examine our churches and ourselves on a regular … Continue reading

Crappie Masters “Masters”

The best of the best from the Crappie Masters pro crappie trail are converging on a series of Mississippi lakes this week to determine who the Masters of the Masters are!  The top anglers from this year’s trail are fishing Friday and Saturday for the coveted National Championship title on lakes Washington, Lee, Paradise, Ferguson, … Continue reading

How to scare off big bass

I have some really good fishing equipment, baits and places to go catch big fish. Probably more, in fact, than I need. But I also have two tools that consistently scare off big bass. Despite knowing that, I still take them fishing with me on a regular basis. The tools? A digital scale and a … Continue reading

Another “another”

Whoever came up with the phrase “If it isn’t one thing, it’s another” most assuredly lived on the lake. My latest “another” moved slowly. It showed up first as a few “bouncy spots” followed by a few unusual crackles, then noticeable splits.  Three inch screws started letting go and popping their heads up at a … Continue reading

Try it…

One that got away: Caney slot

Like any good fish story, the one that got away often gets the most attention. Last week, the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission considered a Notice of Intent to turn back slot regulations for Louisiana’s most famous trophy lake for black bass, Caney Lake in Jackson Parish. That means unless something drastic happens, changes are … Continue reading

Are you ready for some teal?

Louisiana’s first-ever Friday opening day for hunting teal is September 15. You’ll probably have the blind and decoys ready early. You’ll be working your retriever, cleaning your shotgun and stocking up on supplies. Everything will be ready.  But what about you? What’s the use of going to all the trouble to teal hunt if you … Continue reading

Never forget


Quiet, but there

 Deuteronomy 31:8 It is the Lord who goes before you. He will be with you; he will not leave you or forsake you. Do not fear or be dismayed.”

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