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How to catch a 10-pound bass

Here’s a fishing tip I bet you’ve never gotten before. If you want to catch a 10-pound largemouth, just go down to the boat dock on Lake D’Arbonne with three of your friends in the August heat, grab a Spro Frog and start chunking. If you don’t think that will work, think again. Ask 16-year-old … Continue reading

12 months of deer hunting

This is the latest installment of our series on 12 months of deer hunting by area deer expert Dan Preaus. Here’s what Dan has to say this month: It’s that time of year when the real work begins in preparation for the upcoming deer season. Cleaning out box stands which most likely will involve killing … Continue reading

PETA shoots itself

Poor PETA. First, people make fun of the sorely uninformed animal rights activists by calling them People Eating Tasty Animals instead of what they like to be called.  Then PETA shoots itself in the foot with an internet photo frame they provided so everybody can put their photo in and say “Shoot Selfies, Not Animals” … Continue reading

Nothing I can add…

Proverbs 19:21 “Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the Lord that will stand.”

Safety gear saves lives

As we near the Labor Day weekend and the end of the “boating” season, make sure you make safety a priority on the water. I think this is a good time to share this: I have written several times about the high school bass tournaments that we started up way ahead of their time on … Continue reading

The Eclipse Buster

Wow. If  this country would have expended the energy and come together toward some good and worthy goal that it put toward Monday’s eclipse, there would be at least a couple of major problems solved. I kind of feel like the biggest eclipse of all Monday may have been the intellectual eclipse of sanity, slowly … Continue reading

A long-Standing fishing friend

Stan Wright innocently threw out pieces of his unfinished Honey Bun into the waters of  the Hwy. 1215 boat lane on Toledo Bend. We were there tied up to a big old stump fishing for big old bluegills.  Myself, I would never have thrown away part of a good Honey Bun. But it led to … Continue reading

I’ll take it!

Max Lucado wrote,  “Baptism separates the tire kickers from the car buyers.” Indeed it does. Baptism is a public expression of one’s  full buy in to a personal profession of faith in God and accepting Jesus as our Lord and Savoir. It’s a special time anytime one comes to the Lord and is baptized. Matthew … Continue reading

New state land dove reg

Good news for hunters. There is yet another pair of new regulations to keep up with. If you are a dove hunter, remember that you can no longer use lead shot when hunting doves on state management areas or state leased land. Areas that are being leased by the department and open to the public … Continue reading

Windshield Time

“Windshield Time”. That can get to be a bad thing. When you cover 10 different states setting up and putting on nearly 20 professional crappie tournaments you get a lot of “windshield time”. That isn’t all bad, except…. well, I’ll let Mike Vallentine, president of Crappie Masters, tell you about it. “I love what I … Continue reading

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