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Deer season? Closer than you think

This is the latest installment of our continuing feature of “Twelve Months of Deer Hunting”, written by area deer hunting expert Dan Preaus:

October 1st is less than 90 days away. For the bow hunters out there…you know what that means. Archery season is right around the corner! It’s a good time to start pulling your bows out and checking all of your hunting equipment. If there is a problem with any of it, you’ll still have plenty of time to get things taken care of.

For those that have thought about giving bow hunting a try for the first time, now is the


time to get the gear you need. You’ll still have enough time to become familiar with your new equipment and practice shooting before the season opens.

Whether you’re a bow hunter or not, if you deer hunt at all then there’s still some simple things you can do that will benefit the deer herd where you hunt and increase your odds for success in the fall. One thing that comes to mind is salt and mineral blocks. It really should have been done months ago, but it’s still a good idea to either replenish your existing mineral sites or establish new mineral sites. The minerals will be beneficial for the overall health of your deer herd and can also serve as an attractant throughout the fall.

It’s July and it’s hot! If you are out and about in the woods preparing for the upcoming season remember to be careful. Drink plenty of water and watch out for those snakes.



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