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When it comes to tackle boxes, most fishermen today are familiar with brands like Plano and Flambeau. But few have ever used a Burley & Bright.

That’s a shame because I don’t think any Plano or Flambeau box will ever hold up as good or as long as my grandpa George Kinnison’s old vintage 1940’s Burley & Bright tobacco can-turned-tackle box. They were the predecessors to the more prestigious red and white Prince Albert cans that came out later!

His old green “Half and Half” blend tackle can still sits on a shelf above my computer and still holds the contents that were there when he passed away more than 50 years ago. Inside are about a dozen assorted hooks, two big weights, two little weights, a little rust an God only knows how many fishing stories from Castor Creek and Aunt Lucy’s Pond. And it still looks pretty good, huh?

Quite a throwback from today’s anglers and our hundreds of baits, hooks, lines and sinkers.  But you know what? Grandpa George and Grandma Romoline ate fish almost every week from some lake or pond near their home in downtown Kelly.

Today’s post won’t help you catch more fish. It won’t enlighten you to any breaking outdoor news. But it might just remind you of simpler times when going fishing was just….well, going fishing. And you could carry your fishing gear in your pocket.

Might want to give it a try sometime.






One thought on “Burley & Bright

  1. Love, love this! Oh, for those simpler times in so many other areas of our lives. Great post!

    Posted by Lea Culp | July 5, 2017, 12:3610:32 am

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