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Part 2: 12 months of deer

Now, don’t get excited out there. You can NOT hunt deer 12 months a year. This is part two in a series of monthly looks at things you can do to be a more successful deer hunter by taking care of business all year long. We asked Dan Preaus of Ruston to share some of his insights, tips and ideas in this new monthly lakedarbonnelife.com  feature. Take it away, Dan:

This time of year my mind tends to drift towards fishing and the upcoming turkey season. For those that deer hunt, though, there are some things you might take care of now that will make your preparation for deer season during those hot summer months leading up to opening day much easier.

If you have a new area you plan to set up a stand on for next season, go ahead and establish screen-shot-2017-01-26-at-3-34-06-pmyour shooting lanes now. It will be much easier to clear out and bushhog lanes in that area now before the spring and summer regrowth takes place.

Also, for those that bow hunt, if you’re like me you may have lock-on stands still in trees. Now is the time to go ahead and get them down. Bring a buddy along and make sure to wear your safety belts and harnesses. By getting these stands down you’ll avoid the risk of the tree growing into the stand and causing some problems.

One final thought would be to make sure the windows are closed on your box stands. If you don’t have window flaps that you can close, maybe staple up some chicken wire or board up the window openings. Buzzards tend to be looking for a place to nest this time of year, so don’t let it be in your nice box stand. Some of us have learned the hard way on this one. The cleanup is not pleasant when this takes place.

These are just a few simple ideas that may be helpful. Whatever your plans are, make sure to get out and enjoy God’s creation.


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