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Cold Caney Crappie

If you plan on fishing the Crappie Fishermen United of Louisiana open tournament on Caney Lake Saturday, there are some things you need to know. Really need to know. First of all, this:


That 28, the one in red... at 7 a.m.?   That’s the temperature forecast for fishing time Saturday morning. I’ll be thinking about you guys while I sip my hot cocoa about 8 sitting in front of the fire. I know, I know. I’ll be eating a hamburger for supper and you’ll be having fried crappie filets. I don’t care.

I only have two tips for you.  One: Stay warm and dry (that’s just one tip). Two: don’t use anti-freeze in your shiner bucket to keep the bait from freezing. Not only will it kill your minners, it could mess up your bucket for good. Something about chemistry…

Okay, you are still going? Well, good luck to you. Here’s the real information you’ll need. The tournament is at Hooks Marina At Caney. It’s an 8 pole or less, live or artificial bait tournament; One or two people per boat; $40 entry fee and fishing hours are from 7 a.m. untiil 2 p.m. They’ll be paying big fish first and second place and five places for the best 7 fish.

If you plan to fish, do the guys that put these events on and pre-register. Not only does it help them out, but your fingers will be too cold Saturday morning standing at the launch ramp to write anything. You can sign up early at Tater Bugs in Farmerville, Hooks Marina in Chatham or the Honey Hole or Toledo Tackle in West Monroe.

For  more information, contact Kelly Billsborough (318-475-8399); Neal Pace (318-547-2187) or Ralph Coston (318-381-5615).




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