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Merry Christmas from the lake

Twas the night before Christmas and all across the lake Only two ducks were still stirring, a hen and a drake. The yo-yo’s were hung on the boat dock with care, In hopes some big crappie would soon swim up there; The coots were nestled all snug close by the shore, They were there by … Continue reading

Ist nicht schoen

Special thanks to reader Ted Tisdale for sharing this Christmas Story with us before. And a special “thank you” to military personnel serving worldwide, especially those away from home this Christmas. God Bless You! ************** CHRISTMAS in the Eifel Mountains of western Germany comes with heavy, low-hanging clouds that fill the winter air with droplets … Continue reading

Deer saved! and…Christmas goodies

News Flash: Facebook post saves deer’s lives! That’s right. Dozens of hunters got up Monday morning to go deer hunting and either looked at the weather app or somebody’s facebook page and turned around and went back to bed. Count me in that number.  Temperature 21? Maybe. “Feels Like” 15 degrees?  I’m back in the … Continue reading

A child was born

What’s the score?

Fishermen find it pretty easy to weigh a fish. Duck hunters don’t care about the size of the duck, but more about the species. But deer hunters? “It’s a big one” can mean almost anything. And points don’t tell the whole story. That’s why “scoring” antlers is the mans of determining the size of the … Continue reading

Not so fast, crappie!

I thoroughly enjoyed the fishing in the 28 degree weather last Saturday morning at Caney Lake. They were having the monthly Crappie Fishermen United of Louisiana crappie tournament out of Hooks Marina on Caney. The main reason I enjoyed the fishing is because I wasn’t fishing.  I slept in, drank some hot chocolate and rode … Continue reading

What about the lake?

The hot topic around Farmerville is no longer politics. It’s the lake. “What about the lake?” As in, what are the plans for closing the gates and trying to let Mother Nature fill up Lake D’Arbonne after the quadrennial (every four year) drawdown. Lake Commission member Steve Cagle confirmed today that the plan is to … Continue reading

To you, Lord, I call…

Continue to pray for the people of the Gatlinburg region of Tennessee as they recover from the recent disaster, PLEASE. ****** What a reminder for believers and a wake-up call for the skeptical.  This was found under a bench as someone cleaned up after the Gatlinburg fire. Wow. Joel 1:19  To you, LORD, I call, … Continue reading

Cold Caney Crappie

If you plan on fishing the Crappie Fishermen United of Louisiana open tournament on Caney Lake Saturday, there are some things you need to know. Really need to know. First of all, this: That 28, the one in red… at 7 a.m.?   That’s the temperature forecast for fishing time Saturday morning. I’ll be thinking … Continue reading

Bayou-Diversity: get you some

I’m not going to plug a lot of Christmas gifts, but here’s one you should consider for the outdoorsperson with ties to Union Parish and our region. It’s loaded with outdoor information — and not your usual fishing and hunting stories. “Bayou-Diversity – Nature and people in the Louisiana Bayou Country” Yes it’s a book, … Continue reading

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