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She’s going down!


Hey, nobody’s supposed to be able to see this! If you are a fisherman, you’ll understand

She’s going down!

There are times you don’t want to hear this. Like when you are riding in your boat. Or when you are flying in a hot air balloon. Or when you are discussing LSU’s once promising football season…

But this “she’s going down” is about Lake D’Arbonne. The every-four-year drawdown is underway and the lake is headed down, exposing stumps, shorelines, boat docks and decks and all kinds of lost treasures. If you are on the lake, be careful! Hopefully the drawdown will expose aquatic vegetation that needs to die back. It will also give property owners a chance to get work done! As of Sunday evening, the lake’s at 77.3 feet and falling. The lake was over 80 feet when the drawdown began Sept. 5.

Here’s a look at the most recent lake level chart. You can keep up with this chart on this site each day if you are interested by clicking the “area lakes and rivers” link in the middle part of the homepage.





One thought on “She’s going down!

  1. At what level will they hold the lake steady and when will they close the gates to let the lake start filling back up?

    Posted by Steve | September 26, 2016, 12:3612:22 pm

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