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Worms. Standup baits!


One of the things I love about living on the lake is that many times, it takes such little effort to go fishing.  Walk down to the pier. Bait your hook and throw it out. Sit down and wait for a bite.

Most times you don’t even have time to sit down before you hook into a bream or catfish this time of year just about anywhere around the bank at D’Arbonne.  But with this crazy weather, it has been a little, well…crazy.

The other day I went through the walk-bait-sit scenario with a cricket on the hook and didn’t get a bite for two or three minutes, then it was just a bait stealer (aka “dink”).  I reached over and baited up again, only to feed another tiny bream that apparently wasn’t even able to get the hook in it’s mouth.

After about 10 minutes, I got up and grabbed a box of earthworms. The red wiggler American kind, not the Canadian ones (no offense, Ted Cruz).  The cork went down before I even had a chance to sit back down. Same thing was repeated several times until I finally moved the chair back and few feet and just used it to hold the worm box. I stood up long enough to catch a nice mess of bluegills big enough to filet for supper.

The morale of the story:

   Worms are “stand up” fishing baits!


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