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Up a creek with a paddle

There are several things that I don’t gee haw with in the outdoors. For you young whippersnappers, “gee haw” means “work together well” and the term goes back to when people actually use to farm with a hand-held plow pulled by a mule. If you don’t know what a “whippersnapper” is, you are on your … Continue reading


In this day and age of texting and Facebook, everybody knows what BFF means: Yep, and that would be whole fried bream, fresh from the lake… What could make it better? How about some homemade fried squash bread, with ingredients fresh from the garden (yes, somebody else’s). You still want more? Fried Green Tomatoes Uh, … Continue reading

Honor Memorial Day

I heard a news commentator say  “Wish everybody a Happy Memorial Day”. We should do better than say “Happy Memorial Day”. I think we should say “Honor Memorial Day”. As in show respect. And then do it. Here are a few ways you can do that. Stop for at least 60 seconds and have a … Continue reading

Heads up, crappie.com’ers

I don’t often write in this space about something I wrote in another space, but I hope you’ll pardon me for doing that today. One of the biggest crappie gatherings of the year on D’Arbonne is the annual fall fishing and fellowship event of the crappie.com followers from around the region at the Lake DArbonne … Continue reading

Just one more, infinity

“You went fishing today?” a neighbor asked. Yes, I did. “But I thought you went fishing yesterday,” a neighbor said. I did. And three days last week, too. And I caught plenty to clean and have for supper. And I may go tomorrow.

Through Haile and high water

Well, I knew it was bound to happen. I fished on a lake on Saturday and we caught so many fish they’ve CLOSED THE LAKE! We had to go through Haile and high water to do it, but it happened. It’s been years since I’ve been on Finch Lake just outside of Haile, but I … Continue reading

Make GOD great again

Donald Trump has generated more true excitement as a Presidential candidate than I’ve seen since Ronald Reagan. I agree with his campaign theme — “Make America Great Again“.  But I also know something that will have to happen again before AMERICA can be great again. We have to Make GOD Great Again! Oh, don’t get … Continue reading

Majestic, McDonald’s same weekend

Bass fishermen already have too many choices — lures, lakes, locations, techniques… Now they have another one. A BIG one.  Two of the regions largest bass tournaments, which have in the past been held a month apart, ended up on the same days this summer. Saturday and Sunday June 11 -12 will be the dates … Continue reading

Good boat dock advice

I’ve heard several people talking about building new boat docks during the drawdown on Lake D’Arbonne this winter, but after talking with Jared Cook of Flying Jack’s Marine Carpentry of Farmerville, he has a tip for you. Don’t wait. “Don’t wait until the water is down if you are wanting to build a boat dock … Continue reading

Can you imagine?

There’s enough pressure on a pro bass fishermen out there competing against the best in the country and a tough fish bite. The tournament is on. First prize is $100,000. Cash. Throw in 50 or so bass groupies following you around in their boats on the lake during a tournament and it gets pretty intense. … Continue reading

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Dusty Gates, Union Parish Sheriff

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