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NO fisherman left behind…

rief but totally unprofessional fish estimates for Lake D’Arbonne indicate that the 16,000 acre lake has approximately 1,301,416 catchable size crappie. That’s about 80 crappie per acre.

Saturday, I estimate all but 364 of them saw one or more crappie lures or a shiner on a hook!

Okay, maybe I made up those numbers. But hey, this is a fishing blog. And you know what I mean…

If you were one of the what must have been 1,000 fishermen on the lake Saturday (especially if you were fishing near the channel), I know you agree. If you were one of the hundreds of drivers trying to find enough room to back your boat down to a ramp to get in the lake, starting as early as 4:30 a.m. in the pre-dawn hours, you’d probably doubly agree.

I did count 107 boats visible from the Hwy. 33  bridge a couple hours after daylight. That number I did not make up.

FullSizeRender-39Okay, forget the numbers. But there is one thing that is indisputable:  It was a very busy day on the ‘Bone – possibly the busiest in a long time. So busy, in fact, that I know at least six dedicated crappie fishermen that rolled up their jig poles and took them to the house way before it was time to quit. Facebook lit up with posts as early as 5 a.m. Saturday morning with things like “If you are coming to Lake D’Arbonne this morning, you better bring your own ramp” and “cars are already five deep at Jake’s and parking on the highway...”

This crappie phenomenon is understandable. It’s a popular fish, they are great to eat and the fish have been biting, even though the move into the shallows hasn’t even begun.  The recent Crappie Masters tournament catches just fueled the fire more. I can understand that  (hey,  I can understand that a whole lot more than the fact that us crappie fishermen were talking about fishing on FACEBOOK before the sun has come up or I had even had time for breakfast.

But it is that time of year. I hope you get to give it a shot. And I hope you have some success. And most of all, I hope you have a lot of patience, both waiting for the bite and for a chance to get your boat in the water to get to your favorite fishing hole. Be safe out there.

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 7.17.11 PM

Edwin Evers   — BASS photo


The big boy of fishing tournaments the BASS Masters Classic is in the books. Edwin Evers blew the field away winning by more than 10 pounds thanks to a near 30 pound stringer the last day. The Oklahoma native has fished in 14 Classics.

For the leaderboard and all the results, you can go to:








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