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Crappie Masters is coming!

Mike Vallentine, President of Crappie Masters I bet your favorite crappie fisherman would like to send this note to Santa: Dear Santa, I would really like to have my entry fee paid to fish in the 2016 Crappie Masters Louisiana State Championship crappie tournament on Lake D’Arbonne coming Feb. 26 & 27! The entry fee … Continue reading

The lake is “falling”

At first glance, it looks like all the recent rains have Lake D’Arbonne on the rise. If you check the lake level gauge, you will even see that the lake is at 81.25, more than a foot high. It’s predicted to stay there for at least another week. But at second glance, you see the … Continue reading

Remembering Pearl Harbor

No country in the world allows it’s citizens freedom AND responsibility like the United States of America. That includes the right to bear arms and the right to pursue happiness (like fishing). That also includes religious freedom, but not the freedom to practice terrorism in the name of religion. One of the reasons we have … Continue reading

My hope

I’m being taunted

I’m being taunted.  Bullied, you might say. I have called my local game warden, but he says there is nothing he can do. Deer hunting is supposed to be fun. Hunters are supposed to have the upper hand. Sometimes, Mother Nature doesn’t play her cards that way, though. Five times recently,  I have gone to … Continue reading

Sharing a stand with the General

Camp General Mike Copeland How much better can it get than sitting around the deer camp half a day, later slipping down through winding woods roads in a battery powered Ranger and then spending a few hours in the deer stand watching the world go by as deer roam in and out of a big … Continue reading

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Dusty Gates, Union Parish Sheriff

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