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Remembering Pearl Harbor

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No country in the world allows it’s citizens freedom AND responsibility like the United States of America. That includes the right to bear arms and the right to pursue happiness (like fishing). That also includes religious freedom, but not the freedom to practice terrorism in the name of religion. One of the reasons we have freedom today, and the responsibility to protect it, is because when bad things happen, our people and leaders have always responded properly. They have overcome fear with courage. And leadership.

At least they used to.

Monday, Dec. 7 marks the anniversary of one of the most horrific events in American history — the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor by the Imperial Japanese Navy. We pause today to honor those who lost their lives in that sneak attack;  the families and communities affected; those who served afterwards to stop the threat; those who serve to protect us today in the armed services and law enforcement;  and the backbone of our elected leaders who have responded to end attacks on our country.

Today America is under sneak attack once again.

Where’s our “leadership” today?  Making speeches. Hiding behind lame excuses like “global warming” or “nobody needs a gun” or “they just need a job”.  Folks, it’s now about our leaders overcoming their personal fear and doing the right thing for America.  It’s time for them to step up, or step out.

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