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DUCKS, part two

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Jeff & Hunter Simmons

The second split of Louisiana’s East Zone for duck hunting opens up Saturday morning. The second split runs from Dec. 19 – Jan. 31. A special Youth Hunt will finish things off on Feb. 6 in East Zone.With cooler temperatures in the forecast for later in the week and plenty of water, all hunters are waiting for is the sun to come up and for more ducks to get here. The Arkansas season has been open during the lull in our season, so maybe the ducks got tired of being shot at up there and came on down to Louisiana.

That last part of that is the real important part. If Split No. 1 of this season was a movie, there would be no sequel. It was bad. Jeff Simmons, owner of Simmons’ Sporting Goods in Bastrop and an avid duck hunter, said he has never seen anything like it.

“In 40 years of duck hunting, I don’t think I ever saw this few ducks flying,” he said near the end of the first split. “Hopefully the second split will treat us better.”

Ducks or no ducks, you can keep up with how Jeff and others are doing on the Simmons’ Sporting Goods Duck Report, which is updated daily during all 60 of the East Zone’s hunting days. Just go to:


When you go to the web site, scroll down to the Duck Report and give it a click.

No matter where you duck hunt, make sure you follow the rules and regulations. Many of the top areas for waterfowling in our area are privately leased, but there are literally thousands and thousands of acres open to the public on state and federal refuges within an hour drive that offer fantastic duck hunting when conditions are right. And memo to the ducks: that means you guys need to come on down!






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