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What’s been missing this year in hunting season?  Ducks.

Not any more. Saturday morning is opening day of duck season in the East Zone of the state, the area which includes all the area in our region. There were tons of ducks in the area before Tuesday night’s big front and additional rain, but that drove some of them out of the region.

It also dumped lots more rain in the area and put so much water in the fields and woods that it scattered many of the ducks. Overall, though, it should still be a good opener. Cooler temps won’t hurt anything either.

If you want to keep up with duck reports on a daily basis during the 60-day season, check out Jeff Simmons’ Daily Duck Report at http://www.simmonssportinggoods.com by scrolling down on the web site and going to the duck/deer report tab and clicking on it.

Be safe out there!


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