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You’ll see a lot of items on the internet and Facebook and TV news about today being Veteran’s Day, but I don’t think you’ll hear anything more powerful or real than the following story. It was written by someone who’s been there. A combat veteran, seriously wounded in Vietnam, who came home, healed. He loves America. I thank him for sharing his story.

God Bless our Veterans.

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“As I watched the sun rise in the sky, I wondered how many young men this day would die.  I listened to shells exploding, sounds of small arms firing and wondered if this day God would keep me from harm.

I could see the enemy, hiding in a tree and I wondered if he had the same thoughts as me.  He must have had a mother and possibly a wife, who were praying for their God to spare his life. Did he volunteer to fight for God, country and liberty or was he ordered here by his government.  Did he have children he was longing to see? If so, then he was very much like me.

All wars are fought for the noblest of causes, as defined by those in power.   These days they never fight, they’re too important you see, so they send young men, like the enemy and me.  The fact that we are husbands, fathers and sons is never considered by the powers that be.  And in the case of this young boy, I’m certain the same is true in Hanoi.

If there were no prejudice, power or greed, the world could survive without this war it seems to so desperately need. All this is too much thinking for a fighting man.   He’s supposed to react with his weapon in hand.   A living, breathing piece of property. As I pulled the trigger and my aim was true, I felt both nausea and relief.   Having no alternative, I had done the only think I could do.  My duty for God, country and liberty.   Given the opportunity, his round would have been fired first and it would’ve been me lying in the dirt.

I had taken a life that I could not spare, caused grief and sorrow for a family somewhere.   I ask God’s forgiveness as I paused to pray, thanking him for letting me live another day. I watched the sun as it fell from the sky, aware that this night I might die.  For God, country and liberty.”


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