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New deer stand/trailer is awesome tool

Two heads are better than one. And when the Louisiana Chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation and Plum Creek put their heads together to raise the bar on deer hunting for Wounded Warriors and other hunters with physical challenges, it proved that saying is true.

The two groups teamed up to build two handicap accessible portable hunting blinds, one for Louisiana and one for Arkansas. The Louisiana trailer blind was unveiled late last week in Union Parish and the first hunt was right on target.

plum buckWounded Warrior Barry Guidry of Lafayette was the first hunter to use the trailer blind and its sophisticated setup and the result was two deer taken, a spike and a doe. Guidry was appreciative beyond words of the efforts put into this hunt hosted by Two C’s Timber Hunting Lodge and Tiger Bend Hunting Club in Marion along with Union Parish Long Spurs members like Peyton McKinnie and NWTF Louisiana biologist Luke Lewis. Seth and Chad Copeland with Copeland Electric guided the hunts and Jerry Antley with Cedar Hill Game Calls, the BBQ Pit in Sterlington and the Town of Marion were also involved along with other volunteers.

plum trailerHere’s the neat part of this story, though. This setup allows hunters easy access, but also allows the dual benefit of being able to experience the hunt in the blind plus taking advantage of the latest in technology to harvest a deer. When a deer walks out in the shooting lane, the hunter doesn’t have to look through the scope, balance the rifle and line up the crosshairs on the target.

The gun is permanently mounted and the scope is connected to electronics that show the crosshairs on an HD TV screen located above the gun. When the hunter lines up the crosshairs on the deer on the TV, that’s where the gun is aiming. You can zoom in and out just like with a regular scope, but all the action is displayed on the TV screen. The gun can be moved in any direction with the use of a toggle switch, just like playing a video game. When you are ready to fire, just click and it “squeezes” the trigger.

It must work pretty well. Guidry was two for two on that first hunt. Everyone involved was thrilled, as were several elected officials and invited guests who ate lunch with the crew putting on the hunt. I was fortunate enough to be one of those.

Lewis said they are excited to be involved in this project and want to make sure these trailers are used effectively and by the right folks in the coming months and years. If you know of a group that would like to sponsor a hunt and use this fantastic asset, contact the state chapter of NWTF or Plum Creek for more information.



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