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Godwin’s secret crappie weapon

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Godwin and the ham sammich jig trailer

Godwin and the ham sammich jig trailer

Do you think a big old Kentucky Lake crappie would bite a curly-tail plastic jig long-lined from a 16-foot Duck Commander jig pole with a HAM SAMMICH trailer on it?

Well, looks like John Godwin is prepared to find out.

Godwin and Jay Stone of West Monroe will be among the contestants in the Crappie Masters National Championship on Kentucky Lake beginning Friday. They’ve got a few tricks up their sleeve, but to be honest, Godwin’s got a better chance of eating that “ham sammich” — one of his trademark lines from Duck Dynasty TV — than a crappie. He good-naturedly posed for the photo down in the Duck Call Room in West Monroe earlier this week.

“This time last year we had no idea we’d be doing something like this,”Godwin said. “We fished in the tournament up here and won in our house. Now we are going to their house. But I believe they are going to know we are there.”

I bet so, John.

Stone gets the team's B'n'M Duck Commander jig poles ready to roll

Stone gets the team’s B’n’M Duck Commander jig poles ready to roll

Godwin fished in a Wounded Warrior bass tournament on Kentucky Lake five years ago and he and his team won that event. He’s hoping for the same success again this time, only with crappie.

“If there are as many crappie in that lake as there are bass, there will be a lot of fish caught this week.” Unfortunately, the report from practice Tuesday wasn’t that good for the duo. Godwin tweeted that it was a beautiful lake, but she wasn’t being nice to them. Wednesday was media day, Thursday is the final practice and the tournament is Saturday and Sunday. We’ll have results for you here.

They are on at least one good “pattern” for Godwin. Stone is doing the leg work for this one. He drove and pulled the boat up Sunday and is going to spend a few days scouting while Godwin attends another event in Texas.

“That’s the same thing he did to me at the home tournament this spring,” Jay said of the “pattern”. “Godwin flew off to Las Vegas to watch the Duck Dynasty play and came back just in time to go fishing. I had the fish all located. We got out there late, then I had to take him back in for a bathroom break. By the time we got fishing it was 8:30 and our fish had moved. We stuck with it, but he got hungry about 11 o’clock and we had to go in. We didn’t fish much more than two hours. We still got some good ones.” They hope to get a little more time on the water this weekend.

The duo plans to long line with curly-tails and possibly crank bait some. Some people are catching  fish up there now on shiners, Jay says,  “but we don’t do minners”…not unless absolutely forced to.

“We are going at the risk of being fired, too,” Jay says. “This is opening week of teal season. You know what that means around the Duck Commander place. Miss a whole week of teal season? I love crappie fishing, but its duck season. I talked to the boss man and he said to go. We are going to try and film some of it, so maybe we can make a show out of it.”

Sounds like a good deal. Even if they don’t win or place, they’ll at least  SHOW!


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