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What’s up, Doc?

I don’t normally plan crappie fishing trips five months ahead, but then again, this is no normal crappie fishing trip. I’ve got this one marked on the calendar.

Doc Waldo of crappie.com fame has already set the date for the annual crappie.com north Louisiana Fall get together on Lake D’Arbonne for the crappie.com guys and gals in our region. This year it will be Friday and Saturday, Nov. 13 and 14.

The Doc and last year's door prizes

The Doc and last year’s door prizes

The consensus of those involved was to host the event on the same weekend each year, so beginning this year that is the plan. People come from all over a three state region for this event and it really focuses attention on Lake D’Arbonne and Union Parish.  Doc Waldo (okay, his real name is Mark Weldon) is a Louisiana Tech graduate and lives in the Shreveport area, so he’s very familiar with the event and glad to bring it “home”. We will have more on it later, but mark it on your calendar. It’s a great, family-oriented fun event with plenty of good food and fellowship…and some fishing, too.

Most fishermen arrive either Thursday or Friday at the state park and have a huge pot luck supper on Friday night and an even bigger fish fry on Saturday night. The last 7 years or so, the feeds have been at cabin #9. But the last two years, over 100 folks have come for supper each night, so there may be a change. We’ll let you know.  year we are exploring a few different options for supper. There’s also a big fish pot each day. Cost is 5$/day/man. Last year we had almost 100 fishermen in the pot.

There are tons of door prizes to give away at super Saturday night. Last year we had prizes donated by Duck Commander, B’n’M rods, Hi-Teck spider rig rod holders, Engle bait box, rod wraps, just to name a few. We also has lots of prizes donated by the CDC members.

You will never meet a nicer group of folks. Just good people, genuine and honest, caring and I truly call these guys my friends. Sunday some folks get up and fish for a few hours, others just pack up and head back home.

They welcome anyone and believe me, there is PLENTY of food. So please tell everyone that if they wanna meet some great folks and some darn good crappie fisherman, come head their way.

For more info or if you’d like to donate a prize or help out, check on crappie.com on the Louisiana thread or email Doc Waldo at weldonmark@bellsouth.net


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