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Lake life

I wish you water – Part 3

If you’ve spent much time on the water, you don’t have any argument with the fact that having a “Blue Mind” is a great thing (See past two writeups to catch up if you missed them).

It’s even nice to mow the yard on the shores of the lake — I mean if you have to mow, you might as well be able to do it with a lake view. Right?

I leave you with a personal note for the final part of this series. When I was just a kid, I often stayed with neighbors, Mr. &  Mrs. Cornish, when my folks were both working. Mrs. Cornish taught me all kinds of good things, like saving the skin off a piece of fried chicken for last and how to eat a single strand of spaghetti by sucking it into my mouth right off the plate. Mr. Cornish often took me fishing and just for rides in the woods to look for deer or squirrels or rocks or mudholes.

When they passed on, they also left me a little sign that hung in the kitchen of their two bedroom wood frame house there on Forrest Street in Bastrop. It hangs on my office wall today. Mrs. Cornish had pasted the paper to an old board and covered with several layers of shellac to preserve it. Pretty well sums up one of the best philosophies I know. Here it is:

FullSizeRender-8In case you have a hard time reading the 70-year old plaque, it says:

“Since there is six times as much water as dry land on earth any fool can plainly see the good Lord meant for Man to fish six times as much as he works.”

Can I get a witness?


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