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Just one of those days

Some days are just not made for fishing. Monday was one of them. In fact, this whole holiday weekend was a challenge. Some folks caught some fish — white perch, bass and catfish. But it was hard work. Monday actually started off as a pretty nice day, but storms skirted across different areas of the lake all afternoon.

In fact, there were so many little storms — and big ones — that I saw this weekend, I started to do like the National Weather Service and named them. A couple of the memorable ones were Les, which blew by close, but just mulled around for a while. Then there was Hillary, one that brought a lot of wind and made a lot of noise, but didn’t produce anything really notable. I didn’t really pay much attention to her.

FullSizeRender-10I was sitting out on the dock Monday afternoon trying to catch a mess of fish for lunch Tuesday when a storm set in on the west side of the lake and just poured down rain there. I called one of my buddies over there and told him I was on the dock fishing, why didn’t he come outside. It was pouring at his house. He wasn’t very nice to me.  I named that storm Walt.

Anyway, Walt passed by and it looked like I was going to be able to fish a while, but yet another storm skirted by on the south end of the lake. Again, the sheets of rain were so thick I could not even see the trees across the lake. But it only sprinkled on me. I named that storm Paul.

One last try about 6 p.m. left me without a bite. Then another storm headed our way with a lot of lightning and thunder. I don’t like lightning. And when I looked at my smarty phone radar, it had a lot of red in it. So I named that storm Nick and came back to the house.

A few other outdoor observations from Monday:

* The predictions of bad weather kept a large number of folks home Monday. In fact, it was one of the more quiet Memorial Day weekends I can recall on the lake. That’s bad for outdoors folks and for local businesses.

* I reconfirmed something I already knew: Whitecaps are a lot more pretty to look at from the bank than from a boat. I’ve seen plenty from the boat, and was glad to get out of them. But watching them on the bank is a much more relaxing feeling. I do have to share one little story. During the height of storm Hillary, the wind was howling and the waves were crashing into the bank, splashing water 20 feet up on shore. I heard the familiar hum of an outdoor motor and turned to see two older teenage boys in a 15 or 16 foot aluminum stick steering boat bouncing from wave to wave heading back toward the ramp. The one driving was holding on for dear life. I must admit, he did a good job taking on the waves. The other was sitting in the floor behind him, holding on to the driver’s seat and making all kinds of noises I can only describe as holler screams. Neither had on a life jacket, but neither appeared worried as they got soaked and bounced around. I went over and stood by my pontoon boat lift, expecting at any minute to have to lower the boat in the water and go get them. But I didn’t. They made it around the point to calmer water. I was just about to label them “crazy fools”, but then I could picture myself doing the same thing about 40 years ago. And besides, here I was, a 60+ year old who lives on the lake and could fish anytime, sitting out on a stool on the boat dock during the storms myself.

* One final thought. I did get the lower deck of my boat dock washed off.  Several times by pounding rain. Several more times by the whitecaps. You see, the water on the lake is high and only about a foot from going over the lower deck. When those three foot waves hit right out of the south, that put a  nice two foot wave wash on the deck more than once during the day.

* There is one more storm coming tonight too. It’s a bad one. And in all seriousness, I hope it isn’t as bad as it looks on the radar. I’m going to go ahead and name it El Miedo (bad storm in Spanish), publish this report and then go get under the covers. Buena noches.

El Mieda

El Mieda


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