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Three parts today: First, yesterday’s sunrise…shown above. Awesome, but cold… and yes, I was awake and yes, I stepped out in the backyard to take this picture. Glad my camera works when it’s 23 degrees…. ******** Second, a story that made me so cold just trying to write it that I had to put on … Continue reading

Time for turkeys?

Okay, I’ll be the first to admit, even though it isn’t Christmas, the weather outside is frightful. But Louisiana’s turkey season opens in about six weeks and if you haven’t been in the woods yet, now’s the time. I got that excellent advice from two of the area’s top turkey hunters, Nathan Pilgreen and Peyton … Continue reading

Preuett living a fishing dream!

The BASSMaster Classic starts this week on Lake Hartwell in South Carolina. It’s the Super Bowl of professional bass fishing. A field of 56 of the top professional fishermen in the world has qualified for the event. The winner of this tournament will take home $300,000 and make at least three times that amount for … Continue reading

The best advice

Fishing report…sort of

The good news is a few people have started catching a few white perch up on Lake D’Arbonne. The bad news is only a few people are catching a few fish up on Lake D’Arbonne. There were a couple of days the past week when some decent catches of 10-20 keepers were made, but not … Continue reading

Louisiana D’Arbonne Catfish

One of our neighbors is a new TV cooking star. Welcome to Olivia’s D’Arbonne Cooking Show! See for yourself: When you reach the site, click on the Louisiana D’Arbonne Catfish show…right at the top. Good job, Olivia. I gotta go. Craving some fried catfish! https://www.facebook.com/oliviascookingshow?fref=nf

My Farley Hat

You’ve heard of all kinds of hats — Cowboy hats, Top hats, Panama hats, etc. But I’ve got a hat that is one of my favorite pieces of outdoor gear that nobody else has. It’s my Farley Hat. It’s a camo Indiana Jones meets Fedora style hat, but the style isn’t important. The important part … Continue reading

Crappie Commando

The second of three Krappie King TV shows on Lake D’Arbonne aired Saturday and, as you expect, it was a good promotion of crappie fishing and Lake D’Arbonne. This one featured John Godwin, who has become famous for his hilarious role in the Duck Dynasty TV series. TV show host Karl Kalonka said Godwin wasn’t … Continue reading

Hollywood Hypocrisy

“A well-known Christian pastor recently said, “We only fully grasp the gospel when we understand (as Paul did) that we are the worst sinner we know.” In other words, don’t condemn the speck in others’ eyes until you remove the plank from yours. So I hesitate to point out what people do wrong. But sometimes … Continue reading

Okay fish….ready….set…no?

The fish may not bite this weekend, but I’m betting it is going to LOOK LIKE the fish are biting on area lakes. It’s getting time for some action and the weather forecast for today through Sunday is absolutely fabulous. Expect lots of fishermen on the water! So what’s the fishing report? Check below, but … Continue reading

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