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Kalonka and Godwin admire the one that didn't get away...or let the fishing rod get away...

Kalonka and Godwin admire the one that didn’t get away…or let the fishing rod get away either for that matter…

The second of three Krappie King TV shows on Lake D’Arbonne aired Saturday and, as you expect, it was a good promotion of crappie fishing and Lake D’Arbonne. This one featured John Godwin, who has become famous for his hilarious role in the Duck Dynasty TV series. TV show host Karl Kalonka said Godwin wasn’t a Commander, he was a Crappie Cammando. The series runs on the Sportsman’s Channel.

Godwin did put on a show, catching most of the fish in the episode filmed down on the big lake area of D’Arbonne last spring. The best part of the show was when Godwin let a big white perch jerk the rod slap out of the holder and into the water. It’s gone. About then, Godwin got another bit on another pole and as he was reeling it in, it got tangled in the line of the missing pole. Turns out, Godwin didn’t have a fish on the line he was reeling in, but when Kalonka grabbed the end of his pole in the water and started reeling it in, it had a heft black male crappie on it. Was all this commotion reel? I mean, real? I don’t know, but it made for some good made-for-TV TV…. That’s the fish that saved the rod, but got eaten for supper anyway, in the photo above. It was also funny to hear Godwin make fun of the way Kalonka, a Canadian, talked. “He does have an accent, don’t he?”, Godwin asked.

If you missed it, set your DVR for the show and it will tape it next time it comes on. Each show reruns several times. The show’s main sponsor is the Union Parish Tourist Commission with help from the local chamber, City of Farmerville and others. It’s been a great deal for the lake and our Parish and I believe will have lasting benefits for area businesses. Plus it’s been fun to watch.

While the package was originally supposed to only deliver one show, we were lucky to get three for the price of one thanks to the Duck Commander guys and their partnership with Duck Commander fishing poles with B’n’M Fishing. B’n’M is also a major sponsor of Krappie Kings (and lakedarbonnelife.com). The final segment will air later this month. We’ll post a friendly reminder!




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