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Nice to see you!

The last couple of days it was nice to see an old friend.  Looks like he’s staying for a while. There’s nothing better than waking up to a beautiful sunrise on the lake!  Welcome back, Mr. Sun! “The whole earth is filled with awe at your wonders; where morning dawns, where evening fades, you call … Continue reading

Traffic stoppers

If you still need a waterfowl hunting “fix”, you can always go after geese this month. Louisiana has a special “Conservation Order” season for “light” geese in which many of the regulations are lifted. I’m not going to try to explain them to you but if you want to hunt them, read up on the … Continue reading

Cure for the Common Cold

  Okay, this won’t make you stop sneezing or clear up your red eyes, but this cure for the common “cold” will help make you feel better when it’s yucky cold outside. You know, like recently? It’s cold. It’s wet. And the leaves need raking, the boat batteries need charging, the Christmas decorations need to … Continue reading

Caney Lake annual meeting set

The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries will hold a public hearing on Caney Creek Reservoir issues, including an overview of aquatic vegetation issues and the results of recent fish population sampling. LDWF established a comprehensive management plan for Caney Creek Reservoir in 2006, which provides annual public hearings to update the public on ongoing … Continue reading

Hint: 14 pound bass

Which one of these is true: 1. It’s too cold and too early to catch lunker largemouth in north Louisiana 2. Big bass only hit jigs and big spinnerbaits early in the year. 3. Poverty Point is a great lake, but it has probably peaked out for lunker bass 4. David Houston caught a new … Continue reading

Hunter’s Corner

Everybody that hunts has one. Well, almost everybody. Fortunately for most of us, our wives don’t post pictures of ours on Facebook. But one deserving young man who probably gets more than his share of time hunting,wasn’t so lucky. Of course, I won’t name him here because I don’t want CHRIS JONES of WEST MONROE … Continue reading

Smile. You’re on Krappie King camera!

Saturday’s premier of the first of three Krappie King TV shows featuring Lake D’Arbonne was great to watch. Host Karl Kalonka and guests Jay Stone and John Godwin did a great job and it really promoted catching the big slabs on D’Arbonne. As Stone told me yesterday, “Lake D’Arbonne was kind to us that day.” … Continue reading

Signs of the end…

I don’t know when the “end” of the world will come, but I do know that one day Jesus will come back. There are many signs already. While the one pictured above is just silly, there are many serious signs. But nobody knows the time that this will come. I do know this, though. This … Continue reading

D’Arbonne Crappie on TV Saturday

Saturday is a big day for Lake D’Arbonne crappie. Get breakfast ready. Set the VCR. And find something to keep the kids busy and quiet. This coming Saturday morning, Jan. 10, at 7:30 a.m., the first of several crappie fishing shows featuring D’Arbonne and our area filmed by Krappie King and the Sportsman Channel will … Continue reading

Ducks, deer, fish and …yes, QUAIL

Zeek zigzagged across the field like a kid running to the tree on Christmas morning. Chris and Erin Turner spread out and raised their shotguns to waist level, waiting for Zeek to come to a stop. He did. And he came to point, and a few seconds later two zesty quail zinged up from a … Continue reading

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