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Hunter’s Corner

hunting junkEverybody that hunts has one. Well, almost everybody.

Fortunately for most of us, our wives don’t post pictures of ours on Facebook. But one deserving young man who probably gets more than his share of time hunting,wasn’t so lucky. Of course, I won’t name him here because I don’t want CHRIS JONES of WEST MONROE to have to explain all this to his friends, students and enemies (of which I am probably now one) who might not have seen it on the Facebook thing.

But I understand. There just aren’t enough days in the week to hunt, fish, work (okay, for some of you) and everything else and STILL keep all your hunting gear put up and out of the way. That’s why the HUNTER’S CORNER is a necessary evil of being an outdoorsman. If you throw it all in one pile, then it’s easy to find everything. Most of us are smart enough to not pile it in the corner of the bedroom where we have to turn on the ceiling light at 4 a.m. to find the flashlight. But sometimes wisdom like that just comes with age.

Hunting jackets, caps, vests, more jackets, shirts, Tink’s, thermos bottles, rain suits, shells, duck calls, binoculars, gloves, the list goes on and on. You can see in that top photo at least this unnamed hunter attempted to put all his stuff in a laundry basket and some sort of plastic storage bin. Good try, Jones. But it must not have been good enough. First Facebook friends, now the entire world-wide web gets to take a look.

Okay, I’ll be fair. Mainly because I have to be to keep this unnamed hunter from cutting me from his “extra deer meat for people who can’t kill their own” list. Here’s a look at my HUNTER’S CORNER, too.  Here’s a hint to unnamed hunter: With wisdom comes putting it in the garage, not the bedroom.

You’re welcome.



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