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D’Arbonne Crappie on TV Saturday

Karl Kalonka, Krappie King, & John Godwin, Duck Commander

Karl Kalonka, Krappie King, & John Godwin, Duck Commander

Saturday is a big day for Lake D’Arbonne crappie.

Get breakfast ready. Set the VCR. And find something to keep the kids busy and quiet. This coming Saturday morning, Jan. 10, at 7:30 a.m., the first of several crappie fishing shows featuring D’Arbonne and our area filmed by Krappie King and the Sportsman Channel will air for the first time.

The first show will feature Krappie King Karl Kalonka sharing a fishing trip and fishing tips from Jay Stone of Duck Commander. We featured Jay and his “kitchen sink” rig right here on lakedabonnelife.com just last week! Remember where you saw it first  ( I just have to say that because all the “big city” news outlets in Monroe always say that when they have some scoop! ). But back to the show.

The first D’Arbonne show will feature Kalonka and Stone, of West Monroe, fishing the deep water of D’Arbonne and sharing their angling expertise. If you have never seen a Krappie King show, they are not geared toward making the hosts look like movie stars or the show like some Hollywood production. They just show folks fishing, sharing information and having a good time in a down-home fashion. They even showcase area attractions and in most episodes, head the to kitchen. In this one they will feature Jay fixing a spicy Japanese crappie dish.

“My impression of big D’Arbonne – it was big time,”Kalonka said. “I’m excited to show this wonderful resource and feature the wonderful people of this area,” he told me

Jay Stone and a "kitchen sink" D'Arbonne crappie!

Jay Stone and a “kitchen sink” D’Arbonne crappie!

yesterday. “And it was great fishing with Jay. We had a great time on the water.”

Getting the show here took a lot of effort from several local folks and a big boost financially from our local Union Parish Tourist Commission. I’m sure when the shows air this spring, this area will get its money’s worth and then some. It will give D’Arbonne and Union Parish even more national exposure. And it will surely bring more tourism dollars to Union businesses.

You can learn more about Krappie Kings TV at KrappieKings.com or on the Krappie Kings Facebook page. For older writeups on the Krappie King on this site, you can go to the search bar at the right and type in Krappie King.

If you aren’t sure whether you have the Sportsman’s Channel or not, check the Channel Guide or your TV or go to this link: http://sportsmanchannel2.viewerlink.tv/

These shows also run multiple times during the year, so if you do miss it, you can check the listings for replays. Looks like the timing for the grand premier couldn’t be better. Saturday’s weather may be a lot more conducive to sitting in front of the fire watching fishing shows than actually getting out there and freezing your toes off!

Hope you enjoy.



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