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Ever since I was a young boy, I’ve enjoyed reading Glynn Harris’ outdoor reports on northeast Louisiana. HA! Now Glynn’s probably looking for me! Okay, Glynn is just a couple of years my senior, but not that many. But if you fish or hunt in this area, can read or you listen to the radio, you probably think Glynn has been doing this forever! Last week, Glynn did a bang-up job of promoting all the outdoor activities over here in Union Parish on his Tuesday radio show with Peyton McKinnie as his guest. I talked to him after that and want to share Glynn’s his story with you. Here goes:

Even back during high school and college, Glynn discovered he loved to write, playing around with words, phrases, etc. to “pass a few courses”, he says. “I really didn’t know much about by my ability to ‘blow smoke’ up the teacher’s britches leg, but it must’ve worked.”

glynn“My initial trial balloon came crashing to the ground when I wrote a fictitious account of a deer hunt. It was an amazing piece of work so I sent it to famed outdoor writer, Grits Gresham, for his suggestions as to which magazine I should send it to first, Outdoor Life, Field and Stream or Sports Afield. Glynn recalls. “Grits actually took the time to respond and as gently as he could, informed me I might have a little trouble placing that story. I go back today and look at the story I sent him and I still get a little red-faced that I was so naive as to send it to him.”

However, Gresham did give him some excellent advice about writing. He was let down, but he never lost his love for writing. His day job was in Homer as a social work administrator in 1972 and he approached the Guardian Journal newspaper about writing a “hunting and fishing” column. Again, he got a “NO”. But it wasn’t long until the editor saw him again and asked him to start writing it. Now, 43 years later, he’s still doing it.

That’s when Uncle Zeke from Beaver Creek was “born”. He used this fictitious moniker so people wouldn’t know who he was. He owned a lot on Beaver Creek at Claiborne at the time, so he used that. As he gained confidence, he started using his own name. Today, some folks in Homer still call him “Uncle Zeke”.

You can catch “Uncle Zeke” using the name Glynn Harris on the radio. He has four radio programs each week. Glynn Harris Outdoors is aired live on Tuesdays at espn4:15 on ESPN 97.7. He also has three other shows, Weyerhaeuser Outdoors at 6:30 am Thursdays on KXKX – 107.5 fm; Let’s Go Fishing, at 6:30 am Fridays on KXKZ and O’Neal Outdoors at 12:10 pm Fridays on ESPN 97.7. He also writes fishing reports and articles for a bunch of local newspapers.

Glynn does have some important advice he’d like to pass along. “I was blessed with the parents I had who were connected to the outdoors. Dad taught us to hunt and fish while mom introduced us to the “softer side” of the outdoors, things like song bird identification, lightening bugs, spider webs covered in dew….stuff like that. Sadly, there is so much out there for kids that compete for their time and many of those things are just the opposite of what I got to experience. It will take serious dedication and resolve on the part of parents to WANT to introduce their kids to the outdoors. It’s easier to give in and let them plug in, turn on and tune in to the latest “gadget”. Makes me sad to think that these kids offspring will know or even be interested in the outdoors. Parents….take the time and make the effort to get your youngsters involved in nature’s classroom. It’ll pay dividends for sure.”

And one more thing: “I have one final personal word about nature, the outdoors and the ONE who put it all out there for us and gave us a love for it. Give God the honor and credit He deserves for being the Creator and Sustainer, the One who offers us humans an eternity with him by trusting in His Son, Jesus Christ, our Savior.”

Amen, Glynn. And good fishing to you!


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