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Happy New Year…and more

Happy New Year to you and yours!

We’ve enjoyed a great Christmas break with friends and family and are ready to get back to reporting on outdoor activities in our area. We start today with a few tidbits to catch up and then have some fun items to cover with you in the next few days, months and year. Thanks for reading lakedarbonnelife.com and a special thanks to our sponsors. Without them, we wouldn’t be here.

Fishing Report — I rode down to the public launch at Jake’s on Lake D’Arbonne late morning yesterday and there was one lone truck parked in the lot. A glance down the channel showed the lone fisherman in his boat, two jig poles hoisted out the front in pole holders and his hands planted firmly in his pockets. That pretty well says it all. Cold, damp, yet determined, he was there. But the fact that his hands were in his pockets proves how fast the fish are biting.

IMG_0351Where are the fish? They are there. Obviously we haven’t had the Fall and early winter run of last year, but stay tuned. The fishing is sure to heat up in the next few weeks and months. It may not be as easy as it was last year, but there are good times ahead. Stay ready.

And in the meantime, even when many fishermen are suffering through a semi-drought, I get reports from fishermen like SouthernChuter, who lives on D’Arbonne and sends reports like this: “Catching some on the ridges along the channel. I broke off 4 times there the other day. Caught several there and kept 16 good fish; best was almost 2 pounds.” And then there is BruiserBob, who “only caught ten” but then showed it only takes two of his to fill up half an ice chest. Check out the monsters in his picture (left) from last week….

Plenty of Water — Lake D’Arbonne enters 2015 full and then some. The water level of the lake was at 80.8 feet yesterday, seven tenths of a foot above pool stage. With the rain we got Thursday and what’s coming, expect it to go well over 81 feet in the next few days. That still isn’t a flood threat….yet. The water is murky and that isn’t helping the fishing, but this too, shall pass. Lake Claiborne is at 185.7 feet, seven tenths of a foot above pool stage.

Recreation is , well… “heck” — My old fishing buddy, high school coach and friend Frank Zametto used to come in from a day’s fishing, hunting or working in the woods and say, “Whew, recreation is he… well, let’s say “heck”. He isn’t kidding. I took advantage of what was slow fishing for me to put my boat on the trailer, cleaned it from top to bottom and cleaned out all the compartments, did a little maintenance, etc.  When I decided to roll the old 5,000 pound boat and trailer out from under the carport to hook up to the truck and put it back in the boathouse, my back was not too pleased I didn’t ask for help. And it bit me. Bad. I spent much of the last three weeks getting shots, dealing with pain and now taking treatments to make it better. Rolling the boat is something I have done a thousand times, but this is the first — and hopefully last – time this will happen. To anyone who has ever hurt their back seriously — I feel your pain. Literally. Thanks to those who are treating me to make me better and praying for my complete recovery.




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