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Okay, the word for today is ostentatious.. .as in characterized by a pretentious display to attract notice or impress. . . as in extravagant. And why is that the word for today? Because it’s Christmas, and I know if you haven’t gotten your special person a gift yet, you won’t mind shelling out a few extra bucks. Here are five gift ideas to save you some shopping time.

How about some sunglasses? Oakley’s Elite C sunglasses are carbon-fiber shades with a titanium spine. They are made in a handcrafted process in the very U.K. factories that manufacture high end Formula 1 race-car parts. The Michelangelo style frames and Oakley’s best lenses are made of solid carbon. The whole package, frame and lenses weigh just 1.2 ounces. Cost: $4,000 a pair.

5414A good knife is always useful. Can we recommend the collector’s edition Giant Knife from Wenger Swiss Army? It has 87 fold-out tools, including locking blades, files, a corkscrew, pliers, screwdrivers and any implement you can imagine other than a spare car key or tire jack. This little jewel is 10 inches wide and weighs two pounds, so you might consider buying a pair of suspenders for whoever you give it to. Cost: $1,500.

Go really big. I mean it is Christmas. A new truck? How about a new 2015 Ford F-350 Lariant 4X4 SD Crew Cab Long Box DRW fully loaded. Add on an 18-foot four-wheel trailer loaded with a 2015 Bad Boy Buggy Ambush iS all-terrain vehicle and you are ready to go anywhere. Cost: $70,000 for the whole package.

You’ll want to consider this for your hunter: A one and done hunting gun. Yes, it’s the German drillings, a three-barreled firearm that consists of two shotgun barrels and one rifle barrel. There are other combos, too, but you can duck hunt and deer hunt at the same time! That being said, the most common variation has TWO shotgun barrels (typically 12 or 16 gauge) on top with the rifle barrel (most often in 6x57mm, 7x57mm, .30-06 Springfield, or 9.3x74mm) on bottom. Drillings models are manufactured by several different companies, but I’d recommend Krieghoff International. Cost: $18,000.

trumpf-drillingToo much? How about a simple rod and reel. The new G Loomis NRX 873C CRR is, according to their press release “pure joy” to fish with. It’s a seven footer with a light blank that handles almost any lure. Cost: $500. But wait, we aren’t finished. The new Daiwa TB500 Tanacom Bull Power Assist Reel is designed for deeper water, but what’s good for deep has to work shallow, too. The reel comes with a computer screen that tells you how much line is out and a battery operated power assist on the handle to help you reel in the big ones! Cost: Add the reel for $799 and you’ve come out at about $1,300.

Okay, let me be frank. Ostentatious has nothing to do with the true meaning of Christmas. But this is all in good fun. Unless you’ve got the bucks to do this. In that case, add me to your shopping list.  You don’t even have to wrap it.

Merry Christmas!


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