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Celebrating the waters

Celebrating the Waters of Union Parish” is the theme for the first exhibit in the new Union Parish museum. It opened Thursday and is full of historical documents and pictures centering on the waters of the parish.

White perch fishermen are keeping the ramp at Jake's busy

White perch fishermen are keeping the ramp at Jake’s busy

In the early days of Union, commerce on Bayou D’Arbonne was big, with products loaded up at Fork’s Ferry and pushed down the Ouachita to ports unknown. The past 50 years, Lake D’Arbonne has been the heart of the parish’s resources. The Ouachita River, several scenic streams and other water resources point to the importance of water.

I’ve seen some of the items and in fact, loaned a few for the display, including two old outboard motors, one owned by my dad and the other by my father-in-law. Both date back to the 1950’s.¬† But Kelby Ouchley upped me one on that. He has a 1927 Elto Outboard which is on display. Now that’s a motor that never saw ethanol gas!

Come out and enjoy. Bring the kids and learn something you might not have already thought about. Or bring the “older kids” who might see something they had forgotten they knew (yes, I can relate!). The museum is located in the rear of the Chamber of Commerce offices at 116 North Main in downtown Farmerville.


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