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There aren’t many places in today’s economy where you can turn $10 into $1,000, but if you are a deer hunter in Union Parish, you have that chance. Several hunters who got lucky in the woods and killed deer weren’t so lucky, though. They didn’t invest that $10 in a ticket to compete in the Union Parish Big Buck Contest this year.

Lum Farr with the Chamber explains:

Lee Taylor and his big Union buck

Lee Taylor and his big Union buck

“We have a leader with a 132-5/8 score killed by Marcus Johns of Ouachita Parish. Monday of this week a second place with a 131 score. That deer was killed by Lee Taylor near Spencer.  We have had deer killed bigger than both of these scores but each hunter claims they had never killed a big deer before.  And they didn’t buy a ticket. Several said they knew about the contest but just didn’t purchase a ticket. Last week one was killed in the SW part of the parish that would have been in the 140s, but the hunter did not have a ticket.  Of course he immediately purchased a ticket after killing his first big deer. He will be eligible on future deer kills, but to be eligible, a deer hunter has to purchase the ticket BEFORE the kill.

What many fail to see is that the ticket is good for two $500 drawings even if they don’t kill a deer.  There will be a $500 dollar drawing at the Sportsman’s Banquet on February 5 at the Willie Davis Rec. Center.  Another $500 drawing will be at the Sportsman’s EXPO on March 21 at the Willie Davis Rec. Center.  So that is a lot of bang for at $10 ticket.  The problem seems to be that either the hunters have not heard about the contest or they just don’t think they will kill a deer big enough to compete.

The ticket holders do not have to be present at the drawings.  The purpose of this contest is to highlight the hunting season in Union Parish.  Union Parish has led the state of Louisiana the past 6 years in deer harvest.  We have reported killing 33,120 deer in the past 6 years.  Average that by 50 pounds of meet harvested per deer and the harvest includes 1,656,000 pounds of venison taken from the Union Parish woods.  That is quite an industry and provides a big economic impact for Union Parish.

The Banquet and EXPO is to highlight our hunters and fishermen of Union Parish.  We need them to buy into this program.  The Banquet will provide a venue for education and other means of highlighting our hunting and fishing. You can follow the Union Parish hunting season on this Facebook page:  Buck Report Union Parish.”


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