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Thankful, part 4

It’s Thanksgiving Week and I’ve got tons of things to be thankful for. My family and I  are very Blessed. I give thanks for that every day. I’ve also got quite a list of things I’m thankful for – present and past – when it comes to the outdoors. I’m sure you do to. This is day four of sharing some of them, in no particular order. I hope you enjoy the list.  You’ll probably recognize many of them. Some I felt the need to put a short explanation behind. Others, you just figure it out.  And HEY — I’d love to hear comments from you on some things you are most thankful for in the outdoors! Just click the comment button below…

And last, but not least, Part 4:

* Almost  beating Pam bream fishing one time * My 1965 Cabella’s catalog (The Garcia Ambassadeur 5000 reel was $16.69 + 45 cents for shipping and handling)  * Summer vacations in cabins and trailers and tents on lakes around the south every year for 30+ years with David & Beth * Catching so many big white perch with Dan that we literally sunk the boat * Landing 8 nice bass on eight straight casts and my wife, looking up from reading her book in the back boat seat, asking “okay, isn’t that enough?” * The Browning Model 11 * Simmon’s Sporting Goods *  My paper shotgun shell collection * Banded ducks * Lucky fried chicken breasts from the Sterlington Quick Stop * Fishing in a bass tournament with Dave DeRousse (just one, though) * Bayou Bartholomew * Bayou De’Loutre * D’Arbonne Pointe * The North Fork Lodge (wish it was still there).

Old bass baits  (Bass Orenos, Zara Spooks, River Runts, Chuggers, Jitterbugs, and the Lucky 13, to name a few) * Slow days in the woods with Rocky * A vast library of outdoor books, which I will read some day (okay, probably not)  * Never getting a ticket for catching over the limit  (I know…ha ha) * The Upper Ouachita National Wildlife Refuge * Fish Lake *  Mosquito repellent * People who give me cleaned fish, plucked ducks and deer steaks (hint, hint, hint )*  fresh quail from Bayou Bird Hunts * fried buffalo ribs * Striper fishing on Texoma * Charged batteries * Chartreuse glitter Crappie Bites * Bobby Garland jig tails * Electric filet knives * Preaus Motors.

* A college education so I can understand the multitude of state and federal rules and regulations on hunting and fishing *  Black Grape Jelly Wagglers (did I already mention that?) * Wood ducks * Lester’s on the Lake * A dozen yo-yo’s on the boat dock in the spring * Anderson’s Bait Shop * Witherington’s Amoco (where 100 crickets, a coke and three gallons of gas cost about a $1 when I was a teenager) * Box stands with windows and heaters * Dry duck blinds * Remembering to put the plug in the boat * Lively shiners * Quiet crickets * Crawdads in the spring  (little ones for the fish; big ones for me) * A new life for Bussey Brake *  And at least 40 fishing caps… and always looking for more …

* Fried turkeys * bacon wrapped jalapeno/cream cheese stuffed duck breasts * fried buffalo ribs * pecan pie * Happy Thanksgiving!

And last on this list, but at the top of the REAL LIST of my life — my wonderful, loving wife who has put up with all this, supported this (and actually encouraged it)  and gotten right in the middle of it for 36+ years. Thanks, D.


And a special thank you to our faithful readers. We have had more than 130,000 views on lakedarbonnelife.com so far. Wow!

  We will be taking a break this Thursday through Monday to spend time with friends and family. If you just can’t stand it, go back and read your favorite previous posts.  And make sure to tell our sponsors thanks. Without their support, we wouldn’t be here! Have a great Holiday. Make your own list (or comment below!)

Eat too much. Shoot some ducks. Chase some deer. Catch a mess of crappie. We’ll be back Tuesday, Dec. 2!


3 thoughts on “Thankful, part 4

  1. What can I say, H.. Phil couldn’t have said it any better. My mind wandered to fishing on Chemin-a-haut Creek when I read the baits and fishing items (and over the limits). Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

    Dr c

    Posted by Dr c | November 26, 2014, 12:367:58 pm
  2. Thankful for Kenny, his writing skills, sense of humor, and his passion for our natural resources!

    Posted by Bryan White | November 26, 2014, 12:3612:46 pm
  3. hehe!!, didn’t see less miles name on the to be “thankful” list…….

    Posted by si | November 26, 2014, 12:361:18 am

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