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Crappie.com fishing report

Big John with Saturday's big fish

Big John with Saturday’s big fish

One thing that you can always count on from the crappie.com guys is a good fishing report. Following this weekend’s annual gathering on Lake D’Arbonne, I got the same encouraging report I’ve been getting from local fishermen.

“There are an enormous number of little crappie being caught out in the deep water,” said DocWaldo. “I’ve never seen anything like it with the number of crappie 4 inches long or shorter. It sure shows that there was a good spawn this year.”

That’s good news for fishermen. But there’s also a word of caution with this. When you catch these little fellas if you aren’t starving to death, treat them with care and throw them back. By the end of spring, they’ll be big enough to keep and cook.

“Most of the fish that were caught were in the channels,” DocWaldo added. “There were some in sloughs but most in the river channel. The most heavily fished areas were up near the old State Park and at the Bernice Bridge close to Lester’s, but people were catching some everywhere.”

Shiners and jigs were both working about the same. Fish were deep — anywhere from 14 to 22 feet. Of course, that changes with weather changes (like the one we are about to have). But it’s a good place to start.

We shared some info about the group yesterday and if you want more, check out crappie.com and look at the Louisiana forum.

Joey and Kevin with four nice ones

Joey and Kevin with four nice ones

If you want to catch these in the spring....

If you want to catch these in the future….

...take care of these in the Fall....

…then take care of these nowl….



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