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Where’s DocWaldo? D’Arbonne, of course!

If you saw DocWaldo fishing on Lake D’Arbonne, most of you would never know who he was. That’s because DocWaldo is from Bossier City and nobody knows him by that name except his crappie.com internet buddies. His real name is Mark.

But DocWaldo is a big fan of Lake D’Arbonne and a key component in pulling together the annual crappie.com fall meeting on the lake.Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 5.37.57 PM The big event is coming up October 24, 25 & 26. They usually bring a big crowd, have a good time and since most of these folks are from other places, they also boost the local economy quite a bit — especially the grocery and bait stores! But the crappie may be in trouble!

If you want to find out more about the event or get more information, you can check out DocWaldo on crappie.com or contact us at darbone1@gmail.com and we’ll get you in touch with each other. If you are an avid crappie fisherman and not a member of crappie.com, this might be a good time to sign up. It’s free and fun (only crappie fishermen could come up with a deal like that!). They have all the latest on the gathering and other members contact info. One of the good things about the weekend is some fantastic eating, including a fresh fish fry if the fish cooperate. And there are great prizes for the ones in attendance, including seven new top of the line B’n’M crappie fishing rods. I’ve never been able to attend one of the events, but here’s the way it usually goes, according to the Doc:

“Normally the folks start arriving at the D’Arbonne State Park on Thursday and get checked in the cabins or campground. Everyone is normally there by Friday at noon. Those of us that arrive Thursday fish on Thursday and just grab some supper somewhere that night… not really anything planned.



But the last few years someone has cooked gumbo for the ones that were there. Then Friday we all get up and fish til about 4pm or so. We all head back to our respective cabin and start cooking. Then about 6 or thereabout we all meet at “my” cabin and have a huge pot luck supper (see food list thread on louisiana main page). This is cabin #9, the first cabin on the left as you approach the cabins. We eat like kings and there is more than one story (tall tale) told about the one that got away. Also Friday around 5, we meet at the fish cleaning station to weigh in for the big fish contest. Dwyane, aka “Shadow”. is spearheading the big fish.

Saturday we all get up and fish til about 4 or 5 and head back to get cleaned up and ready for the fish fry. It starts around 6 or so. We don’t get in any hurry and after supper we do door prizes (see door prize thread on louisiana main page) and watch a college football game. Last year is was LSU vs Bama. We also have a big fish pot for Saturday and weigh in is at 5 this day too. To enter the big fish pot it is 5$/day/man and you must be entered before hand.

You will never meet a nicer group of folks. Just good people, genuine and honest, caring and I truly call these guys my friends. Sunday some folks get up and fish for a few hours, others just pack up and head back home.

We welcome anyone and believe me there is PLENTY of food. So please tell everyone that if they wanna meet some great folks and some darn good crappie fisherman, come head our way.”


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