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What is it? I know. I know…

A few weeks back, friend Joyce Neely of Tennessee posted a Facebook photo under the “What is it?” category. I knew immediately, but after a dozen or so way off answers from others, I had to post the right one.

I knew what it was because I have strapped pairs of them on my parents old car when I was growing up back in the day when our fishing pole “arsenal” included four limber cane poles for bream fishing and four heavy bodied cane poles for white perch fishing. That was one apiece and one extra in case one broke or something. I think I still have one somewhere in my bottomless pile of old fishing paraphernalia, probably in the same box as my old Johnson Century reel or those vintage H & H spinnerbait lures that don’t have the hooks attached.

Because we didn’t have a pickup truck, these little goodies allowed us to strap down the 12-14 foot cane poles and head off to the lake with our windows rolled UP. Yes, that was also in the day when you still “rolled” up the window, too.

What is it?

cane pole holderIt’s one of a set of portable auto cane pole holders. The little clamp at the bottom fit right onto the aluminum trim around the top of the windows and tightened down with the twist screw. You put one toward the front of the car the second toward the back to balance the load. The spring was then raised, the cane poles were then placed under the spring and it was pulled back down into place to keep the poles from blowing away. Best I remember, a set cost about 99 cents at TG&Y. I can remember after years of use, the spring broke on one set of ours. No problem. A heavy duty rubber band would be a worthy replacement for one fishing season and have us fishing in style after the drive from the Bastrop City Limits all the way north Bussey Brake, about five miles away. You didn’t ever have to worry about somebody stealing your poles. Again, back in that day, nobody was so sorry as to steal someone’s fishing poles.

Boy, those were the days…




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