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Keeping up with the Krappie King

Krappie King Karl Kalonka made quite an impression when he came to town to film some of the great crappie fishing here on Lake D’Arbonne a few weeks back. Since the new show, “Krappie Kings” has started airing on the Sportsman Channel and World Fishing Network, I’ve been taping the shows and watching them. Karl does a super job showing new techniques, featuring personalities and the areas he’s fishing and just downright having fun crappie fishing. The thing I like most is that Karl goes fishing with different people each week and shows how THEY catch crappie. It’s about learning, not about showing how great the host of the show is. By the way, he’s a pretty great fishermen, too.  And they also show features on the area they are fishing and some good cooking from that lake.

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAIf you haven’t watched, you need to. If you can’t be in front of the tube when the show airs, get your wife to help you set the DVR and record them like I do (I say “tape”, but I get chastised for being a dinosaur….). You’ll be glad you did. It’s a slab of a show! I just got through watching them jerk crappie out of Lake Rend brush that is so thick I would have never thought about dropping a jig in it! Lake Rend is in southern Illinois.

Krappie Kings Television is building on the crappie catching kraze sweeping the country with its introductory line of crappie and panfish tackle including  tube jigs, grubs, marabou jigs, jig heads, split shot, aberdeen hooks, floats & more. They’ll be available across the South. Check them out.

For those who missed our writeups on the Krappie King, just enter “Krappie King” in the search bar and it will take you back to those articles. You can also follow Krappie Kings on Facebook. They have some great photos and writeups. Almost as good as lakedarbonnelife.com!

The show, or possibly shows, on Lake D’Arbonne won’t air until next spring. But in the meantime, you can learn a lot about crappie fishing techniques and equipment by watching this show and the experts on it.

Krappie King tackle

Krappie King tackle



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