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Brew ha ha …and too much water

Here’s the word for today:

Brouhaha (a noisy or over-excited reaction or response to something).

Okay, let’s make that Brew HA HA!!!!  Yep, I’d call it a brew ha ha. This weekend at the at the Duck Commander 500 NASCAR weekend at Texas Motor Speedway in Ft. Worth, Texas, a new American iconic beverage was born… or at least bottled. Coming to a market near you soon: Uncle Si’s Iced Tea — in a bottle, not a blue plastic cup. Hey, tell me you aren’t surprised.

Duck hunting….TV reality shows….Car Racing…Sweet Tea. Why, who in their right mind would dispute the natural progression of that?

“Hey look, all the time when I go out people are asking me all about my iced tea, how do you cook it? What type is it?” said Robertson. “So Finally I just decided, hey… I’ll stop all the questions because I am gonna come out with Si’s Iced Tea. Then, I’ll let y’all be the judge. Y’all try it and tell me what you think.”

Uncle Si’s Tea will launch with a 16 ounce bottle in four flavors – sweet, unsweet, peach and half and half (that’s half lemonade, half tea. Okay, I’m good with all this, but peach? Peach tea, Si? C’mon, man. For the thirsty, it will also come in half gallon and full gallon sizes, too. Don’t lie to me, Jack. I know you are going to try some.siteaAnd now, too much water:

Lake D’Arbonne Country has been pounded by two huge rains in the past four days. More than four inches fell on the lake area Sunday, and more importantly, at least that much fell in some areas north of the lake in the watershed area that drains into the lake.  Combined with last Thursday night’s deluge that also reached two-four inches in the area PLUS the fact that the lake already had a rise on it, you can bet on high water and a rising lake for the next week. In fact, as I write this Sunday night, the rain is falling so hard at the lake that the DISH TV satellite just lost the complete signal because it was raining so hard…again. The road to the Stowe Creek ramp went underwater today. By Monday, don’t be surprised if the popular ramp road along Hwy. 33 is under, too. Homeowners in low lying areas are obviously nervous.

There is some relief on the way. Lake Commission Chairman Steve Cagle confirmed tonight at the Department of Transportation and Development, which is in charge of the spillway structures on the lake, is in the process of opening the new Tainter Gate Sunday night. The new gate was finished and put into operation just a few months ago. This device can’t totally eliminate flooding on the lake, but it is sure to help mitigate the

D'Arbonne's new Tainter Gate

D’Arbonne’s new Tainter Gate

fast-rising waters.

Here’s the way it works. When the lake level reaches 82.5 feet (two and one-half feet above normal levels), or the lake is predicted to rise about 82.5 feet, the DOTD plans on opening the Tainter Gate to offer relief.  That’s the case today. The lake is at 82.2 feet and rising.

There’s a caution in using the Tainter Gate, too. This time of year, when the fish are spawning, dropping the lake too far too fast could seriously disturb the fishing spawn. That should not be a problem when monitored closely. Hopefully the DOTD will stay in contact with the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries about this and do the best for both worlds – flood control and fishing.

You can keep up with daily lake levels by clicking on the “area lake and river levels” tab in the blogroll located in the center column of this website.



One thought on “Brew ha ha …and too much water

  1. Boy, good article today, Kinny. See what good reading we get when it rains so much you have to stay inside and write for us! Now, tomorrow, with 20+ mph NW winds predicted, you can go fishing; but just don’t cross the lake to the south. Just sayin’. 🙂 We want to keep you around. (I just know you won’t go fishing today; you will stay home and straighten up those flower (bush) beds. The pine straw likely got washed out of them. Oh, the life of a horticulturist! ) 🙂

    Posted by Ray Jones | April 7, 2014, 12:3611:46 am

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